Panopto: Lecture capture & more

We’ve been using Panopto for quite some time at King’s. It’s our lecture capture system of choice, but it’s extended quite a bit past that, to peer learning and flipped classroom models.

Panopto also integrates with Moodle, which syncs your Panopto folder with your Moodle course, allowing you to record and share access without as many steps as if you choose to use it outside of Moodle.

If you’d like to experiment with Panopto, it’s best to contact us first, so we can give you the best steps to proceed, based on your planned use. For instance, if you’re just trying it to play around, that’s great, but we need to add you to the system.

Our Panopto installation is here:

Once you log in, you can download the recorder for your home or office machines. To have Panopto on a teacher machine in a classroom, contact us. We have some rooms on campus already equipped with cameras and machines powerful enough to run and store Panopto content.