An IITS Welcome to New Faculty

Welcome to King’s! We’re happy to have you aboard and already investigating your options in educational technology. Technology at King’s abounds, and sometimes having too many options– especially at a time of life and work transition– can be overwhelming. Browse the information below without any sense of pressure. Many times, a faculty member will try one thing at a time, building each semester, while some like to jump into as much as possible right away. We’re comfortable with both, so don’t think we’ll be offended if you’re not interested in it all right away!

You can access most tools below using your King’s network/email account. After approving clearances and employee set-up, Human Resources should be provide you with instructions in activating that account.

LMS: Moodle

Moodle logoOur learning management system (LMS) is Moodle, and is available at the MyKing’s page by clicking Moodle on the left menu. This summer we’re transitioning the login protocol, so contact us if you want to get early access and we’ll set you up! Moodle can be used to post content, collect assignments, manage grades, check for plagiarism, and much more. Moodle is our gateway to several other services mentioned below. If you want to use Moodle in the coming semester, click here to access the course request form.

Notes on our course/user management procedures: We don’t make courses automatically, so you must let us know each semester what courses you’d like us to create or reset for re-use. Student enrollment is managed by the Moodle team. Our reports are delayed, so if a student adds to your course, have them email and we’ll get their access set up (otherwise, it will happen ‘automatically’ when we update rosters daily).

Plagiarism Detection: Turnitin

TII_appThe college subscribes to, which is most commonly used through integration with Moodle. Once you’re in Moodle, you can add a Turnitin assignment and work through the on-screen prompts to set up your desired parameters. Students will submit digital copies of their work through the Moodle/Turnitin assignment without additional login. Turnitin checks against thousands of websites, books, journals, and previously submitted student papers to identify academic dishonesty, leaving you with a simple report to determine if results are in fact plagiarism, properly cited, or a misunderstanding of what constitutes properly cited research.

Lecture Capture: Panopto

panopto_apWe use Panopto to record lectures and events on campus. Recordings are often associated with a server Folder that corresponds with a Moodle course. Students can easily access recordings via the Moodle course without additional login. Also, faculty have utilized student recording capabilities as well, allowing students the ability to record to a folder, then potentially make those recordings available to the rest of the class to facilitate peer learning.

Note: You must contact us first if you wish to use Panopto– once we add you to the system, we’ll send further instructions on using it.

Tech Training: Atomic Learning

AL_VertLogo_ColorThe college also subscribes to Atomic Learning, a service full of thousands of technology, research, and soft-skills tutorials. Ideal for faculty wishing to brush up on Moodle or students having to re-learn a forgotten method in using Excel, the service can also be integrated with Moodle to allow access without additional login. You can also access and browse Atomic Learning by logging in on the left.

Classroom Technology

Classroom technology is dictated by the User Services department of IITS. Classrooms have various configurations around campus, so if you have the time and ability, it’s good to visit a room before you begin teaching there. Many have interactive whiteboards (eno boards), but all classrooms are equipped with a computer and projector to handle any presentation, internet, and DVD playing needs. If you need training in your classroom, feel free to reach out to us at

E-Portfolio: Mahara

Mahara is an e-portfolio system that allows students to create many versions of a portfolio based on shared artifacts they collect from courses or academic experiences. Some programs have other, more preferred e-portfolio options, so please check with your department chair before creating any e-portfolio assignments.

Blogging: WordPress

If you want to use WordPress for a personal site or class blogging, visit the King’s WP homepage.

Enterprise Management: WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor is what keeps most departments on campus informed. It holds information about employees, students, courses, scheduling, and much more. Most importantly for you, it’s where you obtain your course rosters (and later, input grades). WebAdvisor is managed by our Management Information Systems (MIS) department. If you haven’t heard about accessing WebAdvisor, but you have been approved by Human Resources, try this page to help set up your account. When prompted for a username, it’s your email username without

Note: Your WebAdvisor account is NOT the same as your network/email account, but you can use your King’s email to retrieve your WebAdvisor password if you forget it.

Email: Office 365

Collaborating in OfficeEmail is managed by our MIS department as well. Our email is hosted by Microsoft on their Office 365 platform. It’s not just email, but access to Office Apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel online); cloud storage (OneDrive); video communication (Skype); and collaboration. Get training on the platform here. Find out how to download full versions of Office on up to 5 devices and how to get email on your mobile device(s) here.

Wireless Access

You might find yourself in an office/building with no wired ports for internet access. King’s is wifi enabled across campus. You can add up to 8 devices per account– find out how here.

Emergency Notification System

Please take the time to add your mobile number/non-King’s email to our Emergency Notification System (ENS) to stay up to date on any emergencies, suspicious activity, and weather cancellations.

Get H-E-L-P

Need any assistance with technology? From cleaning a private computer of a virus to simple questions about saving files, reach out!

Help Desk, MIS, and User Services departments:

The Academic & Instructional Technology department:

  • Physical location: 6th Floor, Hafey Marian Building
  • Email:
  • Online: Learning Hub