Mahara ePortfolio System

site-logoMahara is one of a few ePortfolio options we have around campus. Some departments use specific systems, but one that’s available to all students is Mahara, hosted at

Download a PDF handout on using Mahara.


Good ideas when developing your portfolio:

  • Always consider privacy concerns. If you share a portfolio with a phone number or social media contact on it, people may act on that information! Also, don’t include your King’s student ID number on any pages!
  • Convert print files and papers to Adobe PDF format to increase compatibility for the person viewing your portfolio. However, don’t use the PDF artifact block on your portfolio, as this embeds a PDF in your portfolio. Use Folders or File(s) to download to link to your PDF files.
  • Upload large files to services outside of Mahara, then embed them in Mahara using the External Media artifact block. This will ensure your media will download and run smoothly from services like YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud and keep the size of your portfolio low for fast loading speeds.
  • Make many pages for many occasions. Seeking two jobs at once, say a job in graphic design and another in writing? Maybe having two portfolios would be best to highlight your design skills in one and writing skills in another. You can make as many pages as you’d like, so why not customize one as unique as each opportunity you’re pursuing?
  • Don’t sell yourself short! That class where you developed an Excel sheet with formulas and graphs may not seem like your dream role in broadcasting, but that could be a skill a network is looking for. That (professional and appropriate) blog you run for a hobby may show dimension and skills that your academic work doesn’t cover. Really consider what work you should include as you develop into a well-rounded prospect for any organization.