Introducing Remote Assistance at King’s

IITS is unveiling a long-awaited development in user support: remote assistance, providing the ability for an IITS team member to help you from his/her office through software on your King’s computer. This enhanced service method will help us serve the community even more efficiently and quickly. This short video will cover the benefits, but scroll further for any additional instructions for using the feature.

Note: Remote Assistance will only work on King’s computers. We cannot remote into your home PC and diagnose a problem.

Remote Assistance software will NOT allow an IITS team member to view or take over your machine without you knowing. You must always grant permission.

Using Remote Assistance

  1. While on a phone call, a support member will ask for your computer name. Right-click Computer and choose Properties.
  2. On the next screen, find the area marked Computer Name.

From there, you’ll receive a prompt that asks you to grant permission to the IITS team member. You can click Yes and allow viewing access. An additional prompt will appear if the team member wants to take control of your mouse. Again, click Yes to give access.

Through every step, you have the ability to end the remote session by clicking the Stop Sharing button or closing the remote assistance tool altogether.