Instructional Technology

Often we work with faculty in a support role. A greater portion of that support is technical support for educational technologies. But did you know we can do more?

Faculty (or academic programs) can meet with one of our instructional designers to develop a set of goals and objectives for implementing technology in courses. From objectives, we can develop tools and planning that will help support those goals. We can assist with implementation, then evaluation, as well. In instructional design, this is referred to as the ADDIE method: Analysis (of needs), Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate.

From a tech support role, we’re often responding to an implemented situation, but if you think you could benefit from more careful planning and design, not to mention evaluation and further development, we’re here to help.

Following procedures outlined above helps us determine how effective we are as a department, while also helping evaluate how effective an instructional application is in your course. Whether it’s lecture capture, response systems, or online learning, we can help you understand what’s working and how to improve. It’s what we’re here for!