Collaborative Classrooms & Wireless Projection

Wireless Projection

You can utilize the new wireless projection capabilities that improve collaboration in the classroom if you’re teaching in one of the rooms with the technology. This 3-minute video covers the basics of connecting, mirroring, and disconnecting:

Download MirrorOp: PC/Mac download | Android/iOS download

Download this MirrorOp PDF to keep for quick reference!


Barco weConnect Collaborative Classrooms


Teacher Student
Connection to King’s wireless network
Click here for information about accessing the KC network
A HTML5-enabled internet browser
Get the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari at
An active weConnect Teacher account
View this quick video on creating a Teacher account
MirrorOp app installed on your device
PC/Mac download | Android/iOS download

If visualizing the content is best for you, continue to the video below, but realize that a more comprehensive, step-by-step print guide is available here, and that may help you most when you’re on-location and working through the technology.

Download the comprehensive training guide | How to Create a weConnect Teacher account



In the event you experience any unexpected difficulties, please contact the Help Desk for immediate assistance.

My wireless connection seems slow. What can I do?

In your device’s wireless settings, try turning off the wireless, then turning it back on. Sometimes signals get crossed on our campus, based on device settings and options. The easiest way to make sure you’re on the strongest connection is to reset your connection by deactivating wireless, then re-activating it to connect to the nearest access point.

MirrorOp seems to be connecting very slowly. It’s not providing me with a 4-digit code to enter into my device. What’s going on?

This tends to be a result of slow wireless. Again, try to deactivate and reactivate wireless on your device. This will connect you to the nearest, strongest signal and speed up your connectivity, resulting in a faster MirrorOp experience.