Windows, Surfaces, Bluetooth, oh my!

IITS has deployed a number of new technologies in various parts of the campus this summer. Some faculty received Surface Pro 4 computer/tablets, for example, running Windows 10. Potentially, the library is also getting an upgrade to Windows 10, while all labs and teacher stations will be getting Office 2016.

If you’re one of the lucky faculty to be the first to test our Surface Pro adoption, here’s how to turn on the Bluetooth mouse that came with your machine– yes, there is a mouse, but you may not have been able to tell…

Download the Fall 2016 Registrar Calendar

IITS Logo with title redOn behalf of IITS, we want to offer you this download of the Fall 2016 semester calendar. It’s in .ics format, so you can import it into your Office 365 calendar, Outlook client calendar, Google calendar or any other service you use. It covers all the dates found on the Registrar’s page, but in a format that will travel with you! Note: Details for some events will be in emails, so check often. This is our small gift to you as you begin the new school year. We hope it makes your scheduling a bit easier.

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Summer Rush

palm-tree-1377515Remember the days when Summer meant a break from the busy rush of the school year? That was back when we were students, but now we’re working hard through summer to prepare for faculty and students returning or beginning in the Fall. So what are we, the Academic & Instructional Technology team, working on?

  • Office 365 integration with Moodle – Bringing the two worlds of Microsoft and Moodle together will spell convenience for students and faculty utilizing their OneDrive cloud storage accounts and Calendars. There are other features included, which we’ll highlight later, but we think these two are tops for helping all of us manage our work loads.
  • New Student Orientation – Recently the college adjusted some titles for first year student events, making the first two weeks in July into Orientation (days prior to the start of the Fall semester are now called Fall Welcome). We’re part of the orientation, introducing students to the technology they’ll encounter at King’s. Those who haven’t investigated already will meet email, WebAdvisor, Moodle, Emergency Notification, and much more. We do 4 sessions per day for 8 days.
  • Spring cleaning – In July we’ll also be resetting all Spring courses. Since assessment reports should be turned in, we’ll take the chance to clear out old work and help faculty prepare for new enrollments.
  • Fall setup – Since Spring we’ve been processing and building Moodle courses for the Fall semester based on requests from faculty. Requests come in up to the last minute (and past!), so we’re always working on new opportunities.
  • SharePoint migration – Though not an academic technology, because of our integral role in training staff, we are helping to translate, test, and train for the SharePoint switch from our old 2010 server to the latest and greatest on Office 365. Site owners should check their email to stay informed about these changes.

All this and more, like our favorite part: meeting with faculty to kick around ideas and make innovations for learning and teaching. We hope your summer is going great– even though it’s busy, ours is!

Technology for Teaching Day Report 2016

image002Each year, we try to gather all the supplemental material that complements Technology for Teaching Day and post it here for those who could and could not attend. We had a great day this year, followed up by great progress towards our online summer courses, which is why this post is a bit late. It’s always a busy time for us when faculty are growing and experimenting.

Please review this year’s report: (PDF). Use the download button to save a copy to your computer or tablet for summer reading.

If you’d like more information about any of the resources, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here all summer, ready to provide guidance and assistance for any educational technology opportunities that enhance your teaching and learning.

Phishing: Don’t get hooked!

phishThis past semester King’s saw a rise in phishing attacks through email. Unfortunately, these attacks are common in today’s technology landscape. Fortunately, we stop many of them before they reach your inbox. At one point in the recent past 85% of the email that comes to us was blocked SPAM. It’s a serious business blocking these pests, but some get through our layers of security. We invite you to become more informed about how to recognize these scams and the potential consequences for you and the King’s community if you fall victim to these attacks.

We’ve selected some brief key videos (each approximately under 2 min.) from Atomic Learning that cover how to recognize phishing attacks and how to protect yourself. To access the content, log in with your King’s username and password at each link.

Always forward suspicious emails to to tip us off to scams as soon as they arise. And remember—IITS will NEVER ask you for your password!
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Technology for Teaching Day 2016

Each year, we celebrate technology as it pertains to educational and instructional development. This is an internal event for King’s Faculty on May 17, beginning at 11:00 AM. We’ll be featuring a variety of sessions related to the topics below. Check your King’s email for all the pertinent links to register, and we’ll see you there!

IITS Understand developments in IITS
Meet the expanding eno system, bringing new life to interactive whiteboards.
Work from anywhere with Stoneware.
faculty See what your faculty peers are doing
Manage groups and live quizzing with John Mischler.
Get social with M. Sheileen Godwin’s social media techniques for programs and classes.
tools Find new uses for our existing resources
See the vast Turnitin system and what’s to come.
Guide your students to through library research.
Ready yourself and students with creative quizzing.
blended Learn to engage students outside of class
Identify what “blended learning” means and how to try it out in your courses.
See how flipped lectures can help you be even more effective in class.

Spring 2016 Academic Calendar

IITS Logo with title redThe start to Spring 2016 is days away and, on behalf of IITS, we want to offer you this download of the Spring 2016 semester calendar. It’s in .ics format, so you can import it into your Google (or other) calendar or add it to your Outlook client calendar. It covers all the dates found on the Registrar’s page, but in a format that will travel with you! It may be a small offering, but it’s our gift to you as you begin the new school year. We hope it makes your scheduling a bit easier.

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