We’re looking for a few brave groups on campus

Technology is constantly changing, and IITS is dedicated to making sure we all keep up. After years of softly nudging users toward cloud computing with Office 365, we want to turn that nudge into a light push. Get your departments, committees, and divisions into the 21st century by storing your documents online.

Reach out to help@kings.edu and tell them you want to get your group upgraded to cloud storage with Office 365!

It’s as simple as this quick video (which is best in fullscreen)…

Can’t I just keep using the G:, O:, and H: drives?

Sure, but what if you could do better?! Storing your files on H: means you can only get to them on-campus. Store them on OneDrive and get to them from anywhere! The G: and O: drives have become an unruly pile of files from decades of growth. And your departmental shared storage can’t be reached from off-campus, unless you use complicated techniques to connect in. What’s more, you can have real-time collaboration. No more “This document is being used by another user” or managing copies of the latest draft!

I use Google Drive or Dropbox. Why should I use Office 365’s features for this?

I use them too– for my personal files. But to separate my personal life from my business one, I use my work tools for my work files. If I develop a classroom piece outside of the office, I copy it over to OneDrive when I’m done because it’s so easy to get there from Moodle and email.

From the desk of User Services…

In case you missed this important announcement in your email, here’s all the details regarding PaperCut, a new campus initiative to raise awareness on waste and improve environmental footprint.

IITS would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new sustainability initiative being deployed across campus.

After a year of careful review and consideration and with a cooperative spirit with the Green Initiative, we have identified a software based solution that will help support our campus goals for sustainability and good stewardship of resources.

PaperCut is a product designed to heighten your awareness of your printing habits on campus. It is designed to save paper, save budgets, and save the environment all at the same time. Read more…