Upgrade Turnitin assignments before they disappear!

We made an extensive announcement in February 2017 about Turnitin’s latest version of Moodle integration. So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the old version is going away in December 2018!

What can you do?

Copy the instructions from Turnitin assignments with the old version, create new Turnitin assignments, and paste them in. Boom– you’re covered!

Click the image for a larger view of the differences.

On December 31, 2018, support for the Moodle Direct V1 plugin will end. Any new assignments created after February 2017 are in the new version, but items from Fall 2016 are probably not. Get updating, as 2018 will fly by!

Assignments made with the old version of the plugin will simply disappear when the old plugin is deactivated.

Retention & Auditing Tools in Moodle

How can your old pal Moodle help you identify at-risk students before it’s too late? Utilizing features like the gradebook, rubrics, reporting, attendance, completion tracking, and the progress bar block can help you quantify accountability and let students know how they’re performing. We tie these tools to the Early Alert Forms from the Registrar so that you can see how helpful it is to have evidence to back up those forms.

For more details on any tool covered here, contact us at moodle@kings.edu to meet up and cover how they can work into your plans!

A newer way to Turnitin

We recently added Turnitin Assignment 2 plugin to our Moodle installation. While this may not seem like a terribly big deal, it actually opens the door much wider to using Turnitin features not available to us with the older plugin. We covered the ins and outs about how the tool works in a session sponsored by CELT. If you couldn’t attend, check out this brief (<5 min.) video:

For those in a rush:

  • 1:35 shows off need-to-know buttons
  • 3:23 shows how to build a Turnitin 2.0 Assignment from scratch

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Moodle 3.1 upgrade

Over the holiday break, our hosting provider is upgraded us to Moodle 3.1, featuring several improvements to the core Moodle interface. No, seriously– improvements, not just changes!

The biggest change students may notice is enhanced feedback for assignments because of a browser-based mark-up system that’s finally easy to use in this version. At the bottom of a graded submission, students will see a button that says View annotated PDF…

From there, a popup will show all your professor’s comments in detail.

With more comprehensive feedback, you can better understand your grades!