Update: Faculty Council, March 3

Faculty Council met for the fourth time this semester on March 4.  Mr. Freddie Pettit was present to give a report on the capital campaign and institutional advancement.  He indicated that financial metrics are positive with an increase in donations from alumni and benefactors.  He also reported that his team is working to fine tune the capital campaign prospectus.  Early reports indicate that four areas resonate with potential donors: student scholarships, initiatives to improve student success, initiatives to enhance the Holy Cross mission, and new Engineering/STEM programs.  Mr. Pettit expects the campaign to be a seven-year process, with the first three years in a silent phase.

Faculty Council continued discussion on four proposed changes to the faculty constitution.  The discussion resulted in (1) a vote to clearly define a quorum of members for standing committees, (2) a vote to change the start date of committee terms, including Chair positions, to July 1st, (3) a vote to make Faculty Council a clearinghouse of all faculty committees.  Each of these proposed changes will require approval by the Faculty and the Board of Directors.  Council also considered a proposal to include faculty on the A&P sub-committee of the Board; this was returned to A&P for further discussion and clarification.  A proposal to update the membership of the Faculty Benefits Committee was tabled.