Update: Faculty Council Feb 3rd

Faculty Council met for the second time in the spring semester on February 3rd.

The primary discussion was concentrated on the recent decision to relocate the college switchboard to the library.  Members of Council expressed concern over not only the decision, but also the process by which the decision was reached, particularly the lack of adequate consultation with faculty and the academic administration.  Council discussed a letter to be forwarded to Fr. Ryan to convey our concerns.

Additionally, Faculty Council approved “effective librarianship” criteria which will be used in place of “teaching effectiveness” in the evaluation of faculty in the library.  The new language will be added to the Full-Time Faculty Handbook.  Council also approved language to discourage absentee and proxy voting in the operation of standing committees of faculty governance. The language necessitates a change to the Faculty Constitution.


The next meeting of Faculty Council takes place on February 17th.