Summary of A&P’s November 3, 2017 Meeting

A&P met on November 3. Topics covered included the following:

  • E-dossiers: An example tenure portfolio has now been created using both the Moodle and Sharepoint platforms. Bill Keating and Pete Phillips will be in attendance at the December 1 meeting to answer and address questions and concerns as well as to make recommendations.
  • Division Restructuring Sub-Committee: A majority of the meeting was spent reviewing the sub-committee’s rough draft of a survey to be distributed to faculty asking for feedback regarding the perceived importance of serving on standing committees among other questions.
  • Updating of Faculty Handbook Language: Committee members agreed to read the first 25 pages of the Faculty Handbook before the next A&P meeting at which time we will discuss how to proceed with the updating of outdated language.

The next meeting of the A&P Committee will take place on Friday, December 1, starting at 2:10 p.m. in SF 115.