Summary of A&P’s December 15, 2017 Meeting

A&P met on December 15. Major topics covered included the following:

  • E-dossiers Sub-Committee Report: The sub-committee will meet to compose a list of questions to pose to members of the standing Tenure and Promotion Committee regarding the possible introduction of e-dossiers.
  • Division Restructuring Sub-Committee Report: The timing of the survey was discussed. The survey will most likely be sent out to faculty during the week before the next semester’s classes start.
  • Faculty Representation on Board of Directors A&P Affairs Sub-Committee Report: Specifics of a recommendation to Faculty Council were discussed. The discussion is on-going.
  • Use of different academic integrity violation forms across the College: The form found in the Faculty and Student Handbooks is the most up-to-date form with a Word version of the form to be created and eventually posted to the Faculty Resources webpage.

The next meeting of the A&P Committee will take place on Friday, January 26, starting at 2:10 p.m. in SF 115.