Summary of A&P’s December 1, 2017 Meeting

A&P met on December 1. Topics covered included the following:

  • E-dossiers Sub-Committee Report: Bill Keating and Pete Phillips were in attendance and provided pros and cons of different platforms and answered questions.
  • Division Restructuring Sub-Committee Report: A revised draft of an earlier survey discussed at the last A&P meeting was reviewed and will be sent to all A&P members for further feedback. The survey will soon be sent to faculty.
  • Faculty Representation on Board of Directors A&P Affairs Sub-Committee Report: The sub-committee members are continuing their work researching best practices.
  • Updating of Faculty Handbook Language: A&P members will forward to the A&P chair any changes to the first 25 pages of the Faculty Handbook relating to the titles of deans. The remainder of the Handbook was divided into sections and each A&P member will review a section and again report changes to the A&P chair.
  • New business included the formation of the Summer Research Grant Committee and discussion surrounding the use of different academic integrity violation forms across Student and Faculty Handbooks, the Faculty Resources website and what’s distributed to students in FYE.

The next meeting of the A&P Committee will take place on Friday, December 15, starting at 2:10 p.m. in SF 115.