Welcome from the Faculty Council Chairperson

Dr. Jennifer McClinton-Temple, Faculty Council Chair

Welcome to the new King’s College Faculty Governance page. My hope is that this site will increase and strengthen faculty participation in the governance of King’s College. This page is an instrument of communication and collaboration in our efforts of shared governance; as the epigraph above says, a voice for faculty action in a spirit of authentic collegial cooperation. Please make a visit to this site a regular part of your daily habits.

The first item to notice is the FC Chair Blog, linked through the top menu. I will regularly, if not weekly during the school year, communicate the business of Faculty Governance. This is where I will publish the agenda of Faculty Council meetings and informally communicate what transpired at our meetings. The category “FC,” or Faculty Council, will include the critical documents of Council’s deliberations. The same will be true for each of the standing committees as well as ad hoc committees such as the Core Review/Revision and the Constitution Review/Revision. Just click and enter the conversation.

The second item to notice is Divisional Meetings on the top menu. Find out which division your department is in, who your representative is, and when your division meeting is scheduled.

The third item to notice is the Who We Are section on the right. Click here to find all the documents relevant to Faculty Governance, such as the College Mission Statement, Constitution of Faculty Governance at King’s College, Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty Handbooks, as well as Committee Membership and the Meeting Schedule.

The fourth item to notice is Committee Minutes, on the top menu. This links to a password protected site, accessible to faculty, where you can read the minutes of governance committees and to access minute-archives.

The final item to notice is Higher Education Links section on the right. Click here to get outside the King’s website to enter conversations about the critical issues of academe.

Feel free to contact me about ways to improve this Faculty Governance webpage, and make sure you come back here often! Thanks for visiting!

Kristi Concannon
Faculty Council Chair 2016-2017