Faculty Council Update

Faculty Council met on October 6, 2017.  Minutes of our September 22 meeting were approved and may be found on the Committee minutes page.


We discussed a number of issues, including the following:

  • The rise in health care costs, how much those costs will be offset by salary raises, and how our out-of-pocket health care costs compare to other colleges.  Faculty Council Chair and Chair-elect will be meeting with John Loyack and Kristin Fino on October 20th to discuss these issues.  We will then bring that information back to Council for our meeting of October 27th for further discussion.
  • Provost Joseph Evan brought in data on retention for 16-17.
  • A and P is working on a model for e-dossiers for tenure and promotion applications, on potentially restructuring faculty governance committees, and on the prospect of having faculty representation on the Board of Directors.
  • C and T has begun the process of reviewing the work of the Ad Hoc Committee on Core Review.
  • Faculty Benefits is reviewing the results of a recent faculty survey.
  • Responses given at the Town Hall meetings were reviewed and we discussed how to best use those results.  The comments made at the Town Halls will also be available on the minutes site once the minutes for the Oct. 6th meeting have been reviewed.

Our next meeting is October 27th at 2:10 in the Lipo Room.  As always, all faculty are welcome.