Chair’s update September 29th FB meeting

The minutes from the September 15th FB meeting were approved and are now posted on the Faculty Governance webpage.

The committee was update on items pertaining to FB from last Friday’s Faculty Council meeting.  Council endorsed the faculty salary changes recommended by FB.

The Committee was given an update on parking. Campus security is looking into concerns that the upper courthouse lot is sometimes full especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There were also concerns raised that the new gate on the visitor lot between the McGowan and Administration buildings prevents faculty from being able to use that lot after hours. It was noted that the new gate has an intercom and that faculty needing to park in that lot after hours can be buzzed in by campus security.

The Committee looked at the results of the Faculty Benefits survey. For most questions a larger % of faculty was satisfied then dissatisfied. A larger % of faculty were dissatisfied with the step system, salary adjustments for merit, and insurance benefits. Based on the comments, the main concern with the step system is that the College sometimes does not honor it. Most concerns about the salary adjust for merit was that the policy is unknown, or unclear. Most concerns about the insurance benefits related to the large increase in health care premiums. Overall many of the concerns raised on the survey appeared to be about a lack of transparency. It was noted that after the October Board meeting, a memo should be coming from HR that addresses the large increase health care premiums. The Committee is going to invite the new director of HR to attend our Nov 3rd meeting to address concerns of the committee. On the survey, some faculty suggested that King’s provide incentives for employees to adopt healthier choices i.e. provide free smoking cessation classes, exercise classes, etc.

Staff Council has been contacted about the joint committee that was formed last year to look into concerns with the tuition exchange policy. There were concerns raised that the Tuition reimbursement policy for graduate course work is unclear. The committee will review this policy and discuss it at our next meeting. It was also brought to the committee’s attention that tuition discount that King’s employees receive at Wyoming Seminary is being reduced from 50% to 45% for next year and 40% the following year. This issue will be further investigated.

At the next meeting the committee will try to agree to a comparison group to recommend be used for future benchmarking of faculty salaries.

There were concerns raised about what has/will happen to faculty members that missed step increases at a time that other received them. Academic Affairs will be contacted to get clarification on this issue.

The next FB meeting is October 20th at 2:10 pm in the Moreau Auditorium: Campus Ministry Center