Chairs Update on December 1st FB Meeting

The minutes from the November 3rd FB meeting were approved and are now posted on the Faculty Governance Webpage.

The committee discussed the merits of the various proposed benchmarking groups and sent the following recommendation to Faculty Council:

The Faculty Benefits Committee recommends that faculty salaries be benchmarked using the methodology below that was originally presented to the committee by Dr. Joseph Evan, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

King’s average faculty salaries will be determined by calculating the average step for each faculty rank and then using the salary for that step from the Faculty and Technical Professional Faculty Salary Scale. These average salaries will then be compared by rank to the average of eleven disciplines’ national average salaries for small and medium master’s granting institutions as reported by CUPA. The disciplines that will be used are biology, communications, English, history, languages, math, philosophy, physical sciences, psychology, social sciences, and theology.

This proposal follows the guidance in the Faculty Handbook that salaries are benchmarked with schools of comparable size throughout the country and also reduces the significant fluctuations in King’s average faculty salaries that can occur when faculty members with market supplements enter or leave a rank.

The committee also recommended some clarification be made to some of the educational benefits policies. The chair will send these recommendations to the director of Human Resources.

A committee member was told that the upper courthouse lot can be full on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11-12 requiring faculty and staff to park in spaces that are marked no-parking. These concerns will be passed on to Campus Security.

Due to scheduling conflicts FB will not meet on December 15th.

All other agenda items were tabled until our next meeting.

The next FB meeting is January 26th at 2:10 pm in the Moreau Auditorium: Campus Ministry Center