Chairs Report on FB September 1st Meeting

The Chair welcomed Mark Leffler as the Chair-elect, Karen Mercincavage as the new Division C representative, and Sandra Loeb as the new Division D representative.

Items of business leftover from the 2016-17 academic year were outlined

  1. Recommendation for adjustments to 2017-18 faculty salary scale
  2. Tuition exchange policy and process
  3. Benchmarking of Faculty salaries
  4. Faculty Leaves policy
  5. Review of Faculty Benefits Survey

Additional agenda items were solicited. It was suggested that the Committee look into parking issues, what happens in future years when step increases are not given to faculty, and if being self-insured still benefits the College and employees in the long run.

The Committee looked at the three different comparison groups: local, national masters with enrolment 1000-3000, and national masters by discipline. The strengths and weaknesses of the different groups and what they show for parity for the different faculty ranks was discussed. The Committee began developing a faculty salary scale adjustments proposal, but desired additional information from Academic Affairs before making a final recommendation.

The Chair had been contacted by a faculty member inquiring about Faculty Contracts. The Chair was told by Joe Evan that contracts would go out in October after the budget is approved by the Board. It is not clear at this time if there is wide spread concern amongst the faculty of starting the academic year without a new contract or if most are ok with this being the new normal.

The next FB meeting is September 15th at 2:10 pm in the Moreau Auditorium in the Campus Ministry Center