Update: Faculty Council, April 7

Faculty Council met on Friday, April 7.

In standing reports, the Chair noted that Division elections should wrap up before Easter Break.  Elections for at-large representatives will be held after Easter.  The VPAA reported that the progress report to Middle States has been submitted and the Strategic Planning committee has begun their work by conducting external scans and creating internal surveys.

Council discussed the updated proposal for a campus common hour.  Discussion centered around (i) the proposed common hour time (MWF 1-2:15) and it’s impact on the class scheduling and (ii) who would oversee the scheduling of events during the time period.  The committee also discussed the opportunity for events to be scheduled during this time including CELT events, theater brown bag discussions and other cultural and co-curricular events.  Faculty would be encouraged to schedule official office hours outside the common hour.

A&P presented proposed constitutional language to seat the Chair and Chair-Elect of Faculty Council as ex-officio members of the A&P Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors.  In principle, inclusion of the faculty on the committee would strengthen the relationship and communication between the faculty and the board; the faculty would have no voting rights or responsibilities.  The proposed language will be presented at the All Faculty Meeting on April 21 and the BOD meeting on April 28 before further discussion in Council.

 C&T forwarded to Council a proposal for a new Entrepreneurship track in the Management major of the McGowan School of Business. The new track represents one concentration among several in a planned restructuring of majors within the business school.  C&T recommends encouraging students to use “free electives” to pursue minors outside the school of business and recommends re-evaluating the decision to remove the foreign language/experience requirement from the Global Business concentration.  Council voted to endorse the recommendations of C&T.

Lastly, Council discussed the Faculty Athletic Representative position which will become an elected position of faculty governance.  The Council Chair will gather more information about the responsibilities of the position before further action is taken.

Update: Faculty Council, March 24

Faculty Council met for the fifth time this semester on Friday, March 24.

The only new business considered at the meeting was proposed changes to the membership of the Faculty Benefits Committee.  Council voted to increase the Faculty Benefits committee by four at-large representative seats, adding a full professor, an associate professor, an assistant professor and one instructor to the current roster of Division representatives.

The next Faculty Council meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 7.

Agenda: Faculty Council March 24

The fifth spring meeting of Faculty Council is scheduled for Friday at 2:10pm in the Lipo Room of the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center. The meeting is open to all; please consider yourself invited to attend. The only item on this week’s agenda is discussion of proposed changes to the faculty constitution regarding membership of the Faculty Benefits Committee.

In addition, today is the last voting day for the position of Chair-Elect of C&T. The polls will close at 5pm; you can vote here: http://departments.kings.edu/facultyelections/

In the next couple of weeks, your Divisions will elect representatives to the standing committees. After Easter, we will hold elections for any remaining at-large positions.

Update: Faculty Council, March 3

Faculty Council met for the fourth time this semester on March 4.  Mr. Freddie Pettit was present to give a report on the capital campaign and institutional advancement.  He indicated that financial metrics are positive with an increase in donations from alumni and benefactors.  He also reported that his team is working to fine tune the capital campaign prospectus.  Early reports indicate that four areas resonate with potential donors: student scholarships, initiatives to improve student success, initiatives to enhance the Holy Cross mission, and new Engineering/STEM programs.  Mr. Pettit expects the campaign to be a seven-year process, with the first three years in a silent phase.

Faculty Council continued discussion on four proposed changes to the faculty constitution.  The discussion resulted in (1) a vote to clearly define a quorum of members for standing committees, (2) a vote to change the start date of committee terms, including Chair positions, to July 1st, (3) a vote to make Faculty Council a clearinghouse of all faculty committees.  Each of these proposed changes will require approval by the Faculty and the Board of Directors.  Council also considered a proposal to include faculty on the A&P sub-committee of the Board; this was returned to A&P for further discussion and clarification.  A proposal to update the membership of the Faculty Benefits Committee was tabled.

Update: A&P February 10, 2017

A&P is investigating a handful of issues at the moment:

  • a course release for faculty after they complete their third-year review
  • using electronic dossiers for review and promotion
  • restructuring the divisions

We’re also working on our review of the Constitution. Some major issues are still under consideration, but more minor issues are resolved and will be forwarded to Faculty Council:

  • a clear definition of quorum for Council and Standing Committees
  • changing the terms of committees so that they begin on the first day of the academic year (instead of beginning immediately after Commencement)

One significant proposal we’re sending to Council will be to seat the Faculty Council Chair and Chair-elect as ex officio members of the A&P Committee of the Board of Directors.

Update: Faculty Council Feb 3rd

Faculty Council met for the second time in the spring semester on February 3rd.

The primary discussion was concentrated on the recent decision to relocate the college switchboard to the library.  Members of Council expressed concern over not only the decision, but also the process by which the decision was reached, particularly the lack of adequate consultation with faculty and the academic administration.  Council discussed a letter to be forwarded to Fr. Ryan to convey our concerns.

Additionally, Faculty Council approved “effective librarianship” criteria which will be used in place of “teaching effectiveness” in the evaluation of faculty in the library.  The new language will be added to the Full-Time Faculty Handbook.  Council also approved language to discourage absentee and proxy voting in the operation of standing committees of faculty governance. The language necessitates a change to the Faculty Constitution.


The next meeting of Faculty Council takes place on February 17th.

Faculty Council Agenda, Feb 3

The second spring meeting of Faculty Council is scheduled for Friday at 2:10pm in the Lipo Room of the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center.  The meeting is open to all; please consider yourself invited to attend.  The meeting agenda includes:

 1. Call to Order; Approval of Minutes

2. Reports from: Council Chair, Academic Affairs, Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Core Review Committee Rep,  Division Representatives & Sub-Committees

3. Review of proposed “Effective Librarianship” handbook language

4. Review of proposed handbook language regarding absentee voting in standing committees

5. Discussion of a draft memo regarding the relocation of the switchboard to the library

Update: Faculty Council, January 20, 2017

Faculty Council met for the first time in the spring semester on Friday, January 20th.

Dr. Evan provided an update from Academic Affairs.  The bulk of this report focused on the President’s decision to relocate the college switchboard to the library in order to accommodate the students’ desire for extended library hours.  Council expressed great concern with this decision, it’s impact on the teaching-and-learning space, and the process by which the decision was made.  Dr. Evan provided updates on the Academic Reorganization proposal, the discussion of a Campus Common Hour, and the growing Nursing and Engineering programs.  He also provided an alternate salary benchmarking proposal which was sent to Faculty Benefits for review and consideration.

In new business, Council (i) approved a policy governing the addition of new academic programs to the college curriculum and (ii) approved recommended changes to the Course Withdrawal policy and timeline.  We discussed draft language to define “Effective Librarianship” for the evaluation of faculty in the library and we discussed guidelines for absentee voting in faculty governance committees.  The approval of this language was tabled until the next meeting.

Council meets next on February 3rd.

Faculty Council Agenda, Jan 20

The first spring meeting of Faculty Council is scheduled for Friday at 2:10pm in the Lipo Room of the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center.  The meeting is open to all; please consider yourself invited to attend. The meeting agenda is enclosed below for your convenience.  If you have items you wish to have added to the agenda of a future meeting, please contact me or your Faculty Council Division Representative.

1. Call to Order; Approval of Minutes

2. Reports from: Council Chair, Academic Affairs, Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Core Review Committee,  Division Representatives & Sub-Committees

3. Review of the Procedure for Adding a New Academic Program

4. Review of the Course Withdrawal Policy

5. Discussion of the Organization of Faculty Governance Divisions