Update C&T April 28th

C&T met on Friday and discussed several orders of business including the CORE Review, a review submitted by the Math CART, and responses to the Foreign Language CART review and a proposal from the McGowan School of Business.

C&T unanimously endorsed the proposal to create an RN to BSN Nursing Program.

We also discussed agenda items for next year’s committee, including on going work with the Ad Hoc Committee for CORE Review, upcoming CART reports, and possibly a deeper look at grade distribution and rigor in the CORE curriculum.

The Chair and Chair-elect would like to thank our committee members for their diligent and hard work this academic year.


Dave Reynolds, Chair-Elect

Update: C&T 11/4


C&T met on Friday, November 4th.  We discussed a report from the Common Hour Sub-Committee.   The CART membership Sub-Committee also reported on their progress.  The bulk of our meeting consisted of discussion regarding the Policy for Adding or Creating an Academic Program.  C&T has been reviewing the current policy and discussing possible revisions.  Some upcoming agenda items include continuing discussion of the CORE review and reviews from several CARTS.

Thank you,

Dave Reynolds – Chair-Elect

Agenda for 29 April Curriculum and Teaching Committee Meeting

Hey everybody!  The last meeting of C&T is this Friday in SF 115 at 2:10 PM.  The meeting will end no later than 3:45 due to a special meeting of Faculty Council.  Here’s what we’ll be talking about!

  1. Approval of Minutes from 8 April Meeting
  2. Nursing Program Proposal Discussion
  3. Formulation of Liberal Arts Seminar CART and Literature CART Report Recommendations
  4. Review of CART Coordinator Applications
  5. Final Update from Subcommittees
  6. Discussion of Priorities for 2016-17 Academic Year


Open CART Coordinator Positions

C&T is seeking applications for two open CART Coordinator positions.  As has become the practice, C&T seeks applicants for the CART Coordinator position every five years, during the same academic year that the CART is up for review.   At this time, we are seeking applicants to serve as the CART coordinators for the Liberal Arts Seminar CART and the Literature CART.

If you are interested in serving in either of these positions, please send a document outlining a) your interest in the position b) your qualifications and c) your vision for the CART over the next few years to nicolemares@kings.edu  by 27 April. C&T will choose from the applicants at our meeting on 29 April.

CART Coordinators serve for five years until their CART’s review is due to C&T. Newly appointed (or re-appointed) CART coordinators in these positions should anticipate serving until 2020-21.

Qualifications for these positions are that you must be in at least your third year of full-time teaching at King’s College (in the 2015-16 academic year) and that you must have taught courses in the CART.

The duties of a CART Coordinator are to:

(1) Direct the activities of the CART on a regular basis.
(2) Supervise the updating of master syllabi.
(3) Evaluate the quality of courses within the CART.
(4) Implement assessment policies and prepare annual assessment reports.
(5) Invite full-time and part-time faculty to participate in the activities of the CART.
(6) Convene a CART meeting at least once a semester.
(7) Develop and maintain a plan for mentoring the CART’s adjunct and part-time faculty.
(8) Observe the teaching of the CART’s adjunct and part-time faculty once per semester in their first two years teaching and once per year thereafter, and consult with the Dean of Faculty regarding those observations.
(9) Coordinate with Department Chairs, Academic Affairs, and the Registrar in scheduling and staffing course sections.


Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Nicole

Agenda, Curriculum and Teaching Committee Meeting, 8 April

The penultimate meeting of the 2015-16 Curriculum and Teaching Committee will take place this Friday, 8 April, at 2:10 PM in room 115 of the Campus Center.  On the Agenda are the following items:

  1. Approval of Minutes of 18 March meeting
  2. Chair’s Report
  3. Discussion of Engineering Proposal
  4. Discussion of Literature CART Report
  5. Follow-up on Proposed Changes to MSB majors
  6. Reports from Subcommittees

Our last meeting will take place on 29 April.  Please contact nicolemares@kings.edu or garrettbarr@kings.edu with agenda items, questions, concerns, comments, or praise.

C&T Meeting, 18 March

On Friday C&T held its regular meeting in SF 115.  We were joined by Dr. Paul Lamore, who was present to answer questions regarding the proposal for the creation of an engineering program at King’s College.  Drs. Lamore and Evan presented the committee with a packet of information put together in response to forty-five faculty-generated questions about the proposed program.  The committee is very grateful to Dr. Lamore and Dr. Evan for taking the time to not only bring together all of the information, but also for taking the time to meet with the committee.

C&T members will take some time to read and digest the materials we received from Drs. Evan and Lamore, and to give time to concerned faculty to review those materials, as well.  Our next regular meeting is 8 April, but the committee feels an additional meeting is in order to adequately discuss the proposals and hear from faculty before we vote on the proposed program.  The committee also will consider the Literature CART review.

Feel free to contact C&T chair Nicole Mares at nicolemares@kings.edu with any questions, comments, or concerns about curriculum and teaching at King’s.

C&T Agenda for 18 March 2016

The Curriculum and Teaching Committee will be meeting on Friday, 18 March in SF 115.  The meeting is open and all are welcome to attend.  On our agenda will be:

  1. Approval of Minutes from 26 February meeting
  2. Chair’s Report
  3. Updates from Subcommittees
  4. Discussion of Engineering Proposal
  5. Discussion of Literature CART report (time permitting)

Please feel free to send any curricular/academic questions, concerns, proposals, etc., to nicolemares@kings.edu or garrettbarr@kings.edu.

29 January Curriculum and Teaching Committee Meeting Agenda

Curriculum and Teaching Committee

29 January 2016

2:10 PM, SF 115


  1. Approval of Minutes from 4 December Meeting
  1. Chair’s Report
  1. Old Business
    1. Discussion of proposed changes to the Economics major
    2. Discussion of proposed changes to the BSBA
  1. New Business
    1. Discussion of Proposed changes to the Computer Science major
    2. Discussion of Core requirements for international students
    3. Discussion of Core Review Process (see the 18 September memo to the ad hoc committee)
    4. Discussion of C&T’s role in “developing and evaluating experimental teaching methods and experimental academic programs.”
  2. Adjournment

Curriculum and Teaching Committee Agenda

The final 2015 meeting of the Curriculum and Teaching Committee will take place this Friday, 4 December, in SF 115. All are welcome to attend.



Curriculum and Teaching Committee

4 December 2015

  1. Approval of 6 November minutes
  1. Chair’s Report
  1. Discussion of Grade Distribution Reports
  1. Discussion of proposed changes to Economics major
  1. Discussion of proposed changes to Management major
  1. Discussion of proposed changes to Mass Communications major

Please feel free to send any questions or concerns to me at nicolemares@kings.edu. Happy grading!