Invitation: A&P Working Group on Constitutional Review

All faculty are invited to offer comments and ideas in a public document, accessible from the links below, in which A&P’s Working Group on Constitution Review will be collecting its notes. The document lists the concerns identified by faculty so far along with concerns and ideas generated by the Working Group committee members.

If you think of a topic or concern to add to the document, please add a comment on the “New Concerns” page or email your thoughts to Mike Little ( Continue reading

Constitution Review Progress Report

A&P would like to hear your comments about our work on Constitutional Review. A&P is currently working with a report prepared by the Ad Hoc Committee for Constitutional Review; that report, linked below, responds to the various concerns raised by the faculty at an All-Faculty Meeting last fall. The report identifies areas needing more study or deliberation, and it also begins pointing in new directions.

We encourage you to bring your ideas for shaping governance and strengthening faculty voice to this conversation. If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to any member of A&P.


Report to A&P Constitution Review

Faculty Constitution Concerns Received By A&P

(as of Oct. 2, 2015)

 1. Process for Constitution Review

What should be the direction of the review? Should it tie in with Strategic Plan Task #2.1.4., on shared governance? Should the review be conducted by A&P or by an ad hoc committee?

Answer: A&P will conduct the review independently. The Constitutional Review Process had been approved by A&P.

2. Section II.C & II.D, especially II.D need clarification.

3. Section II.I FC meeting agenda Continue reading