Welcome from the Faculty Council Chairperson

Issing Welcome to the new King’s College Faculty Governance page. My hope is that this site will increase and strengthen faculty participation in the governance of King’s College. This page is an instrument of communication and collaboration in our efforts of shared governance; as the epigraph above says, a voice for faculty action in a spirit of authentic collegial cooperation. Please make a visit to this site a regular part of your daily habits. Continue reading


Final Post from 2015-2016 Faculty Council Chair

Dear Faculty,

In the aftermath of graduation, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your participation in Faculty Governance. More than 50% of the faculty are engaged in governance over the course of any academic year. Further, we had a 60-65% participation rate at All Faculty Meetings and elections throughout this year. Thank you for your interest, concern, and support. The minutes for the (last) May 6 meeting of Faculty Council are now available on the website.

I particularly want to thank this year’s members of Council – especially the Standing Committee Chairs, Weiwei Zhang, Isaac Vonrue, and Nicole Mares – for  remarkable generosity, competence, serious deliberation, and virtuous decision-making. I sincerely believe that we did strengthen faculty voice this year. We worked hard at authentic collegial cooperation amongst ourselves and in our efforts on behalf of the faculty, always seeking greater transparency, inclusion, respect, and accountability in our efforts. Thanks to each member of Council for your excellence and contribution.

As we all know, Joe Evan and Neal Bukeavich are the generous and competent leaders and administrators of our division. They do a lot of unseen business to make our life as faculty a quality experience. But they also support us in governance by attending our meetings, providing wise counsel, and pushing forward a strong agenda for the academic division. For all of this, I want to thank them both for their tireless efforts and care.

Lastly, I want to thank Kristi Concannon, who now takes over as Chair of Faculty Council. Kristi has been a wise, thoughtful, and generous Chair-Elect. Who would ever have thought that a physicist and theologian could work so well together and become friends? I am excited (in more than one way!) to pass on the reins of Council leadership to her. I believe we as a faculty are in good hands, and I ask you to support her and Chair-Elect Jennifer McClinton-Temple in the year ahead.

Thank you for the privilege of serving as Chair of Faculty Council. I will keep Council deliberations in my prayer during my sabbatical at Notre Dame in the fall. God’s blessing on you all.


Fr. Dan


Notes from the Chair

Dear Colleagues,

Our last Council meeting of the year took place on May 6. The minutes for this meeting are not yet approved. However, I have posted the minutes for April 22, April 29, and May 5. I also posted my report to the A&P Committee of the Board, a letter to Dr. Joe Evan regarding Council’s endorsement of an Engineering Program, and the list of 2016-2017 Faculty Governance membership.

I expect to include one last post before turning the Council leadership to Dr. Concannon!


Fr. Dan


Chairs Update on April 29th FB Meeting

I updated the committee with the administrations response to the committee’s faculty salary proposal.

Fr. Ryan said:

Given the current 0 to 3 % market for faculty salary increases, the approximate 3 % overall salary increase recommended by the Faculty Benefits Committee is reasonably within the realm of possibility.

Additionally, the requested $ 50 per credit increase for adjunct, part-time, and overload pay is also within the realm of possibility.

Of course, the college will not know until October 2016, when the budget is finally approved by the board of directors, what the exact increases will be.

Whatever final salary increases are approved will take effect retroactively to July 1, 2016.

The potential for salary increases is contingent upon enrollment numbers and the final net tuition revenue in September 2016.

I would point again to The Faculty Handbook, XII. A. which states: “The College attempts to follow the salary scale prevailing in private colleges of comparable size throughout the country.”

To this end, King’s College is currently in overall parity with the S4 Carnegie Classification of Colleges and Universities (small four-year institutions with enrollment between 1,000 to 3,000 students).  Continue reading


Final Council Meeting: Friday, May 6

Dear Colleagues,

Faculty Council meets for its last scheduled meeting this Friday at 2:10pm. All are welcome.

Minutes for the April 1 Meeting and the April 15 All-Faculty Meeting are now posted on the website. I encourage you to read through them.


Father Dan


A&P Meeting on April 29

A&P Committee 2015-2016

A&P will meet this Friday, April 29 at 2:10 p.m. in Molewski 109.  All are welcome to attend.

April 29 Meeting Agenda

1. Approval of the minutes of April 8 meeting

2. Chair’s Report

  • Feedback form for Academic Administrator

3. Old business

  • Constitutional Review
  • Procedures for termination of major programs
  • Proposed policy on Accommodation for Pregnancy

4. Adjournment



Agenda for 29 April Curriculum and Teaching Committee Meeting

Hey everybody!  The last meeting of C&T is this Friday in SF 115 at 2:10 PM.  The meeting will end no later than 3:45 due to a special meeting of Faculty Council.  Here’s what we’ll be talking about!

  1. Approval of Minutes from 8 April Meeting
  2. Nursing Program Proposal Discussion
  3. Formulation of Liberal Arts Seminar CART and Literature CART Report Recommendations
  4. Review of CART Coordinator Applications
  5. Final Update from Subcommittees
  6. Discussion of Priorities for 2016-17 Academic Year



Agenda for April 29th FB Meeting

Faculty Benefits Committee
Agenda for April 29th 2016
2:10 pm in the Friedman Room (117) in the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center

  1. Chairs Update
    1. Administration response to Salary Proposal
    2. CUPA data by budget
  2. Approval of April 8th minutes
  3. Discussion Part Time Faculty Survey
  4. Faculty Salary Comparison Group
  5. Role of FB Committee and how FB fits into new budget cycle
    1. Analysis of other schools
  6. Alternatives to step system
  7. New business
  8. Adjournment

Open CART Coordinator Positions

C&T is seeking applications for two open CART Coordinator positions.  As has become the practice, C&T seeks applicants for the CART Coordinator position every five years, during the same academic year that the CART is up for review.   At this time, we are seeking applicants to serve as the CART coordinators for the Liberal Arts Seminar CART and the Literature CART.

If you are interested in serving in either of these positions, please send a document outlining a) your interest in the position b) your qualifications and c) your vision for the CART over the next few years to nicolemares@kings.edu  by 27 April. C&T will choose from the applicants at our meeting on 29 April.

CART Coordinators serve for five years until their CART’s review is due to C&T. Newly appointed (or re-appointed) CART coordinators in these positions should anticipate serving until 2020-21.

Qualifications for these positions are that you must be in at least your third year of full-time teaching at King’s College (in the 2015-16 academic year) and that you must have taught courses in the CART.

The duties of a CART Coordinator are to:

(1) Direct the activities of the CART on a regular basis.
(2) Supervise the updating of master syllabi.
(3) Evaluate the quality of courses within the CART.
(4) Implement assessment policies and prepare annual assessment reports.
(5) Invite full-time and part-time faculty to participate in the activities of the CART.
(6) Convene a CART meeting at least once a semester.
(7) Develop and maintain a plan for mentoring the CART’s adjunct and part-time faculty.
(8) Observe the teaching of the CART’s adjunct and part-time faculty once per semester in their first two years teaching and once per year thereafter, and consult with the Dean of Faculty regarding those observations.
(9) Coordinate with Department Chairs, Academic Affairs, and the Registrar in scheduling and staffing course sections.


Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Nicole


Chair’s update April 8th Meeting

I started off updating the committee on items from our previous meetings:

  1. Faculty Council endorsed our salary proposal
  2. John Loyack requested a benchmark be determined for part-time faculty salaries
  3. John Loyack asked that FB prioritize our proposal if the Board does not approve enough to fully fund the proposal, i.e. are increases to the full-time faculty salary scale or increases for part-time and overload pay a higher priority
  4. Human resources notified the committee that they anticipate
    • No changes to the Health Care, Vision, Life and Disability Plans
    • Dental coverage will go back to Delta Dental with an ~5% increase to premiums (Guardian was going to increases premiums by over 11%)

The Minutes from the March 18th meeting were approved and are now posted on the faculty governance website.  Continue reading


A&P Meeting on April 8

A&P Committee 2015-2016

A&P will meet this Friday, April 8 at 2:10 p.m. in the Lipo Room. All are welcome to attend.

April 8 Meeting Agenda

1.    Approval of the minutes of March 18 meeting
2.    Chair’s Report
⦁    Feedback form for Academic Administrators
3.    Old business
⦁    Constitutional Review
⦁    Procedures for termination of major programs
4.    New business
⦁    Proposed policy on Accommodation for Pregnancy
5.    Adjournment

Next A&P meeting is on April 29 in Molewski109.