Welcome from the Faculty Council Chairperson

Dr. Jennifer McClinton-Temple, Faculty Council Chair

Welcome to the new King’s College Faculty Governance page. My hope is that this site will increase and strengthen faculty participation in the governance of King’s College. This page is an instrument of communication and collaboration in our efforts of shared governance; as the epigraph above says, a voice for faculty action in a spirit of authentic collegial cooperation. Please make a visit to this site a regular part of your daily habits. Continue reading


Update: Faculty Council, May 12

Faculty Council met for the final time this academic year on May 12.

Council discussed a proposal to request a 4% increase to the salary pool for both faculty and staff in the next academic year; the preliminary budget only includes a 2% increase.  A 6.5% increase would be necessary to ensure that no employee has a reduction in take-home pay with the expected increase to healthcare premiums. Given that the increase to the salary pool last year was 3% and that the college appears to be on solid financial footing for the next fiscal year, Council agreed to draft a memo to the President and to the CFO requesting the 4% increase to the salary pool.  The memo will be approved electronically next week.

The Chair reminded Council that a decision needs to be made about how to move forward with the proposal to include the Chair and Chair Elect of Council on the A&P Sub-Committee of the Board. Council agreed that A&P should revisit the proposed language with particular attention to (i) the legality and implications of the term “member”, (ii) best practices identified by the AAUP and other relevant bodies, (iii) practices at our comparison institutions, and (iv) a rationale for the proposed change.

Lastly, Council discussed the Core Review feedback from the April 21 All Faculty Meeting, the role of faculty governance as the review process comes to a close, and the recommendations to the Provost as we begin to think about the implementation of a revised Core. The feedback from the All Faculty meeting suggests that roughly half of the faculty who were present at the meeting and participated in the discussion would favor investigating a smaller Core model if that model would also require students to complete a minor in the liberal arts.  Council discussed the validity of the data, the feasibility of requiring a liberal arts minor of all students, and whether the data consists of sufficient evidence to request a further review by the Ad Hoc Core Review Committee.  Council did not feel that it had enough evidence to warrant an intervention into the Core Review process.  Council concluded the discussion with an outline of the process moving forward and recommendations to the Provost.


Agenda: Faculty Council May 12

Faculty Council will meet for the last time on Friday, May 12 at 1pm in the Lipo Room.  The meeting is open to all. Our agenda is to:

  1. Discuss a salary proposal drafted by Faculty Benefits.
  2. Discuss the recommendation from A&P that places the chairs of Council on the Board sub-committee.
  3. Identify any agenda items for Council in 2017-2018.
  4. Formulate recommendations to the Core Review Committee for the next academic year.

Please remember that you can access all of the minutes from faculty governance committees on our website http://wp.kings.edu/facultygovernance/. Under the Faculty Council portion of this site, you can also find the results of the Core model discussion at the April All-Faculty meeting and the results of the campus-wide votes on the proposed constitutional amendments.



Agenda, Core Review Committee, Thursday, May 11, 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Lipo Room

The core review committee’s twenty-seventh meeting of the academic year is scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., in the Lipo Room of the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center. The agenda is twofold: 1) to try to make a decision regarding the course “Science & Society” (the analogue of 270), which has become entangled with our discussion of the roles of social science faculty in a revised core; and 2) to decide on membership for one or possibly two summer subcommittees to advance our work.


Update: Faculty Council, May 5

Faculty Council met on Friday, May 5.  The primary order of business was the discussion of the nursing program proposal which includes (i) a pathway for current registered nurses to earn a BS in Nursing from King’s (a RN to BSN program) and (ii) a dual degree program with LCCC in which students earn an Associate’s degree in Nursing from LCCC and then a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from King’s.  Dr. Cindy Mailloux, director of the nursing program, was present to answer questions about the proposal.  Council discussed the distribution of courses in the program planner, the Core courses which would be satisfied at King’s and LCCC, the expected program enrollments, and the overlap with nursing and other academic programs at King’s.  Council voted unanimously to recommend that the administration move forward with the program.

Council also approved a recommendation by A&P to house the new nursing and engineering faculty in Division A for the 2017-2018 academic year.  The division structure will be revisited by A&P next year.  Lastly, Council considered a salary recommendation from the Faculty Benefits committee.  Further discussion of the recommendation was tabled to the May 12 meeting.


Agenda: Faculty Council, May 5

Faculty Council will meet this Friday at 1:00pm in the Molewski Room of the Student Center.  Please note that we are meeting early this week to accommodate the benefit for the Supkowksi/Yezerski families later in the afternoon.  The meeting agenda includes:

  1.  Call to Order; Approval of Minutes
  2. Reports (Chair, Academic Affairs, Committees, Divisions)
  3. Discussion: Constitution Language Changes from A&P – Faculty on Board Sub-Committee
  4. Review of Nursing program proposal from C&T
  5. Handbook Changes from A&P – Nursing and Engineering Faculty in Division A
  6. Discussion of Healthcare Response and Salary Proposal from Faculty Benefits

Faculty Council will also meet next Friday, May 12 at 1:00pm in the Lipo Room. The primary purpose of this final meeting is to formulate Council’s recommendations for the Core Review as the process moves forward and to identify agenda items for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Agenda, Core Review Committee, Thursday, May 4, 8:30 a.m., SF 115

The core review committee’s twenty-seventh meeting of the academic year is scheduled for Thursday, May 4, 8:30 a.m., in SF 115. The agenda is twofold: 1) to discuss the roles of the social science faculty in a revised core, especially with respect to the possible course “Science & Society”; 2) to discuss next steps, in particular forming committees to work on the logistics of a learning community and the conception of “Science & Society,” should it move ahead.


Update C&T April 28th

C&T met on Friday and discussed several orders of business including the CORE Review, a review submitted by the Math CART, and responses to the Foreign Language CART review and a proposal from the McGowan School of Business.

C&T unanimously endorsed the proposal to create an RN to BSN Nursing Program.

We also discussed agenda items for next year’s committee, including on going work with the Ad Hoc Committee for CORE Review, upcoming CART reports, and possibly a deeper look at grade distribution and rigor in the CORE curriculum.

The Chair and Chair-elect would like to thank our committee members for their diligent and hard work this academic year.


Dave Reynolds, Chair-Elect


Update: A&P April 28, 2017

A&P met for the final time this academic year:

  • We will be working next fall to develop electronic dossiers for third-year review and tenure and promotion.
  • Until we complete our recommendations for restructuring the divisions, we will recommend to Faculty Council that the Engineering and Nursing programs be housed in Division A.