Welcome from the Faculty Council Chairperson

Issing Welcome to the new King’s College Faculty Governance page. My hope is that this site will increase and strengthen faculty participation in the governance of King’s College. This page is an instrument of communication and collaboration in our efforts of shared governance; as the epigraph above says, a voice for faculty action in a spirit of authentic collegial cooperation. Please make a visit to this site a regular part of your daily habits. Continue reading


Announcement & Update: Nov 13 Faculty Council Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

Please accept this notice as an official invitation to the All-Faculty Meeting that will take place on Friday, November 20, at 2:10pm in the Snyder Room of Sheehy Farmer.  Faculty will receive an update on the workings of Council so far this year, particularly Council’s response to the Board-initiated Review of Faculty Cost and Staffing.  Council will be asking for some input from faculty about a statement being drafted for this effort regarding faculty identity and size.  More information is forthcoming.

As expected, after an update on the work of the standing committees, much of Council’s November 13 meeting was devoted to fleshing out Council’s response to the Review of Faculty Cost and Staffing.  Joe Evan updated us on what he and Neal have been doing in this regard since Council’s last meeting on October 30.  Council also received reports from the four subgroups formed to formulate Council’s coordinated short- and long-term response.  These reports were discussed.  The two short-term items aim at the upcoming recommendations from the VPAA, that Council is prepared to respond, and the other two action items reflect a longer-term effort to define faculty identity, size, and mission so that Faculty Council is better positioned to strategically advocate for the academic future of the College.  Council scheduled an executive session for Tuesday, November 24, to formulate a response to the recommendations that will be presented to departments at the end of this week.  Faculty will hear more about all of this on November 20.

I am confident that Council is performing due diligence with this Review of Faculty Cost and Staffing.  As always, I invite faculty to express your concerns to your division representative or, if you so desire, to me directly.  While this review is consuming much of our time and energy in Council, as it should, I assure you that the standing committees are dutifully and responsibly moving forward with their usual work.  We will catch up with most of their proposals at the December 11 meeting.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday, November 20, for the All Faculty Meeting.


Father Dan


Update: Nov 6 A&P Committee Meeting

A&P held the fourth meeting on Nov. 6.

The Oct. 23 meeting minutes was approved unanimously.

Then the committee briefly discussed the Feedback form for academic administrator. The draft procedure was distributed and will be discussed in the next meeting. A three person subcommittee was formed to investigate and solve the psychometric validity concern on the form.

The rest of the meeting was spent to deliberate the Third Year Review Procedure, which was submitted by the Ad Hoc committee in October. The discussion involved the necessity of the third year review procedure, the formation of the third year review committee and a few other important issues. Due to the lack of the time, the committee decided to continue the discussion at a later time.

After the meeting, the Oct 23 meeting minutes was uploaded online. It could be accessed now on the sharepoint site.


Agenda: Nov 13 Faculty Council Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

The fifth meeting of Faculty Council will take place this Friday, November 13, at 2:10pm in the Molewski Room (Sheehy-Farmer 109).  Please note the room change.  All are invited.

First on the agenda is Council’s response to the Review of Faculty Costs and Staffing.  It is unclear at this point how long this discussion will take, but it is my expectation that we will set in place a program for our November 20 All Faculty Meeting.  The other items are listed in the enclosed agenda (11.13.15 FC5 Agenda ).

For more information on Council’s response to the Review of Faculty Costs and Staffing, please see my previous blog at http://wp.kings.edu/facultygovernance/11-10-15-follow-up-to-nov-6-executive-session-of-faculty-council/.

Thanks for your interest in the work of Faculty Council.


Father Dan


C&T Update from the 11/6 Meeting

C&T met on Friday, 6 November.  We had an abbreviated agenda due to a special meeting of Faculty Council later that afternoon.  In committee we discussed updates on the work of the ad hoc committee on the Core review.  Additionally, the committee discussed the proposed changes to the Mass Communications major via the development of a Video Game Design Track within the major.  Because a few members of our committee were unable to attend the meeting on Friday, we decided to table discussion of the changes until our 4 December meeting.  Next time we meet we’ll be discussing the grade distribution information that Academic Affairs sent out a couple of weeks ago, the Video Game Design Track, the constitutional powers of C&T, and the Core Review.  Take Care!


FB Chairs update on November 6th Meeting

Faculty Benefits had a shortened meeting on Friday November 6th due to the special Faculty Council Executive session that took place later in the afternoon.

We approved the minutes from our October 23rd Meeting (now available on the faculty governance sharepoint site)

Michele and Mark reported that they are working on questions for the Part-time Faculty Survey and have looked at examples of existing surveys such as the HERI survey. There was some discussion as to the type of information the committee hopes to get out of the survey and suggestions of questions to include. Michele and Mark said that they would distribute drafts of the survey prior to our next meeting.

The committee continued our discussion on the Role of Faculty Benefits. Including asking questions about why changes were made to the healthcare plans such as the elimination of the non-elector stipend and changing from a tiered system where employees paid between 6.8 and 27.2% of the premium costs depending on the plan to all employees paying 20% regardless of the plan and if the committee should have been consulted prior to these changes being made.

Lita then distributed the “Seniority Parking Procedure Policy.” The committee will review this policy and discuss it at our next meeting.

The next Faculty Benefits meeting is December 4th in the Friedman Room (117) in the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center


Update: Nov 6 Executive Session of Faculty Council

Dear Colleagues,

As I noted in my last blog on the October 30 Faculty Council meeting, Council held a special Executive Session on Friday, November 6 to determine a response to the Board-initiated review of departments and programs regarding staffing and costs.  We determined four action-items listed below that reflect a short- and longer-term strategy.  Sub-groups of Council are meeting this week to propose a plan for each action-item to be presented for discussion by Council at our meeting on Friday, November 13.  Council is committed to working with Joe and Neal to assure a comprehensive and fair review.  Council is also committed to constructive faculty involvement, and I expect that the All Faculty Meeting on November 20 will occasion opportunity for productive conversation and feedback.  The action items are:

  1. Attend closely to the review of faculty costs.
  2. Anticipate worst-case scenarios of this process.
  3. Create a statement on faculty identity and number.
  4. Create a statement/strategy to actively promote the liberal arts at King’s.

Please stay tuned for more information.


Father Dan


C&T Agenda, 6 November Meeting

The next meeting of the Curriculum and Teaching Committee will be 6 November at 2:10 PM.  We will meet in SF 115.  All are welcome to attend.



Curriculum and Teaching Committee


  1. Approval of Minutes of 23 October Meeting
  1. Chair’s Report
  1. Discussion of Video Game Track in Mass Communications Major
  1. New Business
  1. Adjournment




A&P Meeting on November 6

A&P Committee 2015-2016

A&P will meet this Friday, November 6 from 2:10 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. in the Lipo Room. All are welcome to attend.

November 6 Meeting Agenda

  1. Approval of the minutes of October 23 meeting
  1. Chair’s Report
  1. Old business
  • Third year review procedure proposal
  • Faculty Feedback Form on Academic Administrators
  1. Adjournment

Next A&P meeting is on December 4 in Lipo.



November 6th FB Meeting Agenda

Faculty Benefits Committee
Agenda for November 6th, 2015
2:10 pm in the Molewski Room (109) in the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center

  1. Chairs Update
  2. Approval of October 23rd minutes
  3. Discussion Part Time Faculty Survey
  4. Role of FB Committee and how FB fits into new budget cycle
  5. New business
  6. Adjournment

Next meeting December 4th in the Friedman Room (117) in the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center


Agenda, Core Review Meeting, 11/5/15, 8:30 a.m., Lipo Room

The agenda for our Thursday, 11/5 meeting is fourfold:

1) review the 10/27/15 meeting minutes;

2) finish discussion of our letter inviting faculty participation in the formulation of learning outcomes;

3) discuss group membership for learning goals 7 (information literacy), 9-13 (contexts, contexts, contexts), 14 (“[w]ell versed in the Catholic intellectual and social justice traditions), and 15 (“[p]roficient in recognizing, formulating, and addressing matters of moral significance and concern”);

4) discuss how best to organize/present goals 9-13 (one cluster? five? two? three?).