Welcome from the Faculty Council Chairperson


Kristi Concannon, Faculty Council Chair

Welcome to the new King’s College Faculty Governance page. My hope is that this site will increase and strengthen faculty participation in the governance of King’s College. This page is an instrument of communication and collaboration in our efforts of shared governance; as the epigraph above says, a voice for faculty action in a spirit of authentic collegial cooperation. Please make a visit to this site a regular part of your daily habits. Continue reading


Agenda: Faculty Council October 28

  • Faculty Council will meet on Friday, October 28th at 2:10pm in the Molewski Room.  All faculty are welcome.  The proposed agenda will be:
    • Chair’s Report
    • Standing Committee Updates
    • Update from Ad Hoc Core Review Committee
    • Review and Comment on Child Contact Policy
    • Discussion of the Proposed Timeline from the Ad Hoc Core Review Committee
    • Feedback on President’s Welcome Session during Orientation
    • Discussion and Feedback on Academic Reorganization Proposal

Agenda, Core Review Meeting, Tuesday, October 18, 8:30 a.m., Sheehy-Farmer 115

The sixth core review meeting of the academic year is scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, 8:30 a.m., in Sheehy-Farmer 115.

The agenda is twofold: 1) discuss a time line for our work; 2) begin discussion of models with an eye toward both structure and content.

The proposed time line is:

1) By Thanksgiving, reach agreement on structure of the revised core; identify placement of courses and high-impact experiences upon which there is broad consensus; and identify content questions about which there is disagreement
2) Before Christmas, solicit position papers representing points of view on areas of disagreement
3) At Faculty Development Day, either present a status report, or facilitate a discussion of the position papers (if they’re ready for presentation)
4) In late January and early February, either facilitate discussions of the position papers at division meetings, or meet with divisions for further feedback (if the positions paper were presented already at Faculty Development Day)
5) By spring break, finalize our proposed model and deliver it to C & T and Faculty Council


Update: Faculty Council October 7th

Faculty Council held its third meeting of the academic year on Friday, October 7th.

In updates from the Standing Committees, A&P reported that work continues on drafting a survey of the faculty constitution and on reviewing the Effective Librarianship document.  Faculty Benefits reported that revised language on the committee membership and responsibilities has been drafted, as has a survey of other benefits faculty would be interested in the committee pursuing. The FB committee continues to investigate an appropriate group of schools to be used as a comparison group for salary and benefit benchmarking.  The C&T committee reported that it is making progress on several agenda items including the revision of a procedure for adding new academic programs and a revision of the CART Review Report requirements. A memo was drafted and sent to the Ad Hoc Core Review Committee, requesting an outline of anticipated dates and events at which faculty input and approval of the core revisions would take place. Lastly, C&T reported that it had drafted and approved a policy to allow voting on important issues to take place electronically, post-meeting, if requested by a committee member.

Faculty Council took up the conversation of absentee voting. While the most common practice of faculty governance committees has been to either hold an emergency meeting or continue the vote in the absence of a committee member, there is currently no language in the constitution that prohibits a committee member from voting in absentia or via a proxy.  The discussion of FC centered on the wisdom of absentee voting without being present to hear the committee conversation and the issues with sending a proxy to debate and vote in a committee member’s absence.  In general, members of faculty council agreed that, in the event that a committee member must be absent during an important vote, the committee should make an effort to arrange for the voting to take place after each committee member has access to the conversation.  A&P has been charged with drafting language for the Faculty Constitution that would establish an absentee voting policy.

Lastly, the Faculty Council chairs reported on a meeting held with the AVPAA to discuss the faculty travel policy.  It was reported that no one has been denied faculty travel funds in recent history, though some requests have been capped or funds have been taken from departmental budgets.  The AVPAA has requested a budget increase to offset the rising costs associated with travel.   Faculty Council formed a subcommittee to review and update the forms and policy language associated with the faculty travel funds.


Agenda: Faculty Council, October 7

Faculty Council will meet on Friday, October 7th at 2:10pm in the Postupak Room.  All faculty are welcome.  The proposed agenda will be:

  • Chair’s Report
  • Standing Committee Updates
  • Update from Ad Hoc Core Review Committee
  • Discussion of Time Limit for Counting Courses for Graduation
  • Faculty Governance Policy on Proxy/Abstentia Voting
  • Review of Faculty Travel Policy



All Faculty Meeting Summary, September 23rd

The first All-Faculty Meeting of the 2016-2017 academic year was held Friday, September 23rd in Burke Auditorium.

Faculty were addressed by the Dean of the Faculty and heard reports from the Chairs of the Standing Committees.  Updates and minutes from these committees are available in the relevant section of the Faculty Governance website.  Faculty were encouraged to sign up to receive automatic updates from Faculty Governance at wp.kings.edu/facultygovernance/.

The Chair presented the Third Year Faculty Review policy that was approved by Faculty Council last February. The ratification of this policy requires changes to both the Full Time Faculty Handbook and the Faculty Constitution, the latter of which requires a majority vote of faculty.  An electronic ballot will be available next week for approval by the Faculty.  If approved, the policy will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for their consent and approval.

Lastly, the Chairs of the Ad Hoc Core Review Committee presented updates to the proposed Core Goals and Learning Outcomes.  Two different models of structuring the Core Curriculum were also presented, both of which included a reduction in the number of credits required in the Core and both of which featured courses grouped into clusters and a learning communities.  The Ad Hoc Core Review Committee will be discussing these models this semester.

The next All-Faculty Meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 18th.


Agenda, Core Review Meeting, Thursday, September 29, 8:30 a.m., Sheehy-Farmer 115

The fourth meeting this academic year of the core review committee is scheduled for Thursday, September 29, 8:30 a.m., Sheehy-Farmer 115. The agenda is threefold: 1) review the minutes of our 9/20 meeting; 2) briefly discuss “takeaways” of Friday’s all-faculty meeting; 3) seek to finish discussion of proposed changes to the core statement of purpose, learning goals, and learning outcomes.


Update: Faculty Council 9-16

Faculty Council met on September 16th; the agenda of this meeting was relatively light.

Council heard reports from the VPAA and from the Standing Committee Chairs.  Dr. Evan presented the overall count of the total student population, up about 100 students from the previous academic year; retention data is expected to be released soon.  A&P is making progress on several items on its agenda.  Faculty can expect an opinion survey related to the Constitutional Review in the near future.  C&T reported that it too is progressing with items on its agenda.  Of immediate concern is the replacement of the Division A and Division B representatives to the Ad Hoc Core Review Committee.  Lastly, Faculty Benefits reported that it is in the process of gathering relevant data for determining the appropriate parity comparison pool.  Faculty Benefits also presented a recommendation for the distribution of an increase in funds to the salary pool, should the preliminary budget be accepted by the Board of Directors in October.  Council endorsed this recommendation.

In new business, Faculty Council discussed whether members of Faculty Governance should be allowed to vote on Committee matters by proxy; this conversation was tabled until the next meeting. Council also discussed whether a time limit should exist for counting courses towards graduation.  King’s currently has no policy that dictates whether courses from 10+ years ago should count towards graduation credits, although in some fields, especially technology or health related fields, a policy of this sort might make sense.  The Chairs of Council agreed to meet with the Registrar to gather more information about the issue.  At the request of Faculty Benefits, the Chairs also agreed to meet with the AVPAA to review the Faculty Travel Reimbursement Policy.


Core review committee meeting, Tuesday, 9/20, 8:30 a.m., Sheehy-Farmer Room 115

The third core review committee meeting of the academic year is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 9/20, 8:30 a.m., in Sheehy-Farmer room 115. The agenda is to discuss matters relevant to the co-chairs’ report at the all-faculty meeting on Friday, 9/23. In particular, we will begin discussions about the structure of a revised core; consider what is to be learned from the 2016 NSSE data; and hear an update about the NEH grant that the committee decided, last spring, to investigate pursuing.


Agenda – Faculty Council, Sept 16

The second meeting of Faculty Council is scheduled for Friday at 2:10pm in the Lipo Room of the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center.  The meeting is open; please consider yourself invited to attend.

The meeting agenda is enclosed below for your convenience.  If you have items you wish to have added to the agenda of a future meeting, please contact me or your Faculty Council Division Representative.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Chair’s Report
  3. VPAA Report (Dr. Joe Evan)
  4. Standing Committee Updates
  5. Recommendation on Faculty Salaries (Michele McGowan)
  6. Discussion of Time Limit for Counting Courses Toward Graduation
  7. Discussion of Agenda for the All Faculty Meeting
    1. Presentation of Third-Year Faculty Review Policy
    2. Report and Presentation from the Ad Hoc Core Review Committee
  8. Adjournment

Thank you for your interest in Faculty Governance!