WordPress at King’s

Welcome! Either you found this on your own or you were directed to this site to set up a blog at King’s. This initiative is intended to help users have a friendly web experience by utilizing a platform used by millions of sites across the world– WordPress. We do have a few catches, though…

Trouble with the auto-generated password? Check out this document! Trouble with the auto-generated password? Check out this document!

Things to know

  • There are two ways to access this system.
    • If your instructor created a WordPress blog through Moodle, go to your Moodle course to access it! Once you click from your course, Moodle will log you in and you can get to work. Logging in through Moodle does NOT sync up with a user account you create here by clicking Register (on the left).
  • Users can only register with their @kings.edu account!
    • This helps us tie activity back to your King’s account, required for many IT-related laws and useful to encourage accountability in this online community.
  • Users should honor the King’s Mission while posting.
    • King’s provides a tolerant community and a space for discussion and mutual respect among all its constituencies. It’s often easy to forget civility in digital spaces, but all users should make a conscious effort to remember the human being behind all messages.
  • Reports of offensive behavior should be submitted to help@kings.edu with the subject “Questionable content.”